let's rewind a few years first....

Hallie and Trae started coming to me for pictures when she was pregnant with their first daughter. This picture has always been an iconic one and I still use it for advertising 4ish years later. It's printed on a giant 30x40 metal in the studio. Ummmm, hello models!!!

First came rowan

I don't know what else to even say but THAT HAIR!! I remember them taking her out of her car seat and I was instantly in love. Out of all their babies, she definitely had the wildest hair. Trae's mom and I still laugh over the parent shots at this session. Rowan pooped in Trae's hand as we were snapping photos and he was physically gagging the entire time. Hallie and I just left him their with a hand full of baby poop, laughing at him. Five years later, I now have a diaper on babies at all times.

then came briar

For their maternity session with Briar, Rowan found out there was a bidet installed in our building's bathroom and took full advantage mid session. She walked back in so proud of herself with soaking we hair that reminded me of Ace Ventura. When I tell you this family has me busting a gut every time I see them, I mean it. I laugh so freakin' hard and Hallie just rolls with it.

Briar's newborn session is one of my all time favorites. There's just something about baby girls in yellow. It just now clicked to me that Hallie always uses a yellow heart emoji too, so I guess that color was just meant to be for this session.

surprise!! triplets!!

I'll never forget when Hallie messaged me that she was pregnant with her "third". She sent me the ultrasound picture and I was like "OMG TWINS?!?! Congrats!!". She was like "uhhh keep looking....". I think all I said over and over was "holy sh*t, holy sh*t, HOLY SH*T HALLIE!!!". Triplets are every newborn photographer's dream and I am still over the moon that they chose me to do this session. Abram, Eli, and Indie kept their mama on her toes at the end of the pregnancy and made their grand entry in December. I got to meet them when they all got to go home in January. The highlight of this whole session was Briar's meltdown for the sibling pictures, because life would be boring if every session went perfectly! The "triblets" as the big girls call them, did amazing. Barely a peep out of any of them.

I love this family so much and am so blessed they have trusted me to capture all of their babies over the years. You guys are amazing parents and I have loved seeing your family grow. You've officially made my newborn photography dreams come true!

xo Sarah