Let's be real. not every session runs perfectly.

Sweet little Suyeon was a little hesitant for her six month milestone session. Sometimes at this age, "stranger danger" has begun and they're not quite sure to think of this lady with a camera and flashing lights. I always say it's the extra cute ones that make us work for it. She started off with a few smirks but wasn't going to give it up very easily. I always tell parents that while I love a big cheesy grin, some of the cute little innocent and somber looks are equally adorable. Suyeon gets the award for cutest little pout in my eight years of photography too.

So what do we do when they're fussy?

Sometimes I wonder if businesses next door ever worry about the goofy sounds are coming from the studio. If we aren't singing baby shark, we're making silly noises, dancing around, or anything in general to get baby to smile. If baby is just not having it, we take a break, have a snack or a bottle, put the camera down and just play, or get out some rattle toys to divert their attention. Once they realize "hey, this place is actually kinda fun!", we start back up and try to get some smiles. One trick that almost always works is having one parent step behind my light and then jump out, saying "peek!". That was the key for Suyeon!

it's becoming a trend...

I have to share a couple photos from her newborn session that still have me busting a gut when I look back at them. She's been making us work since she was two weeks old! Peep the side eye. THAT is talent!