Oliver | 1 year

It's crazy how fast a year goes by, even for me as a photographer. We say it all the time as parents, but man, it feels like one day I'm doing a baby's newborn session and the next, they're "toddlin" around at their one year session.

Poor buddy just wasn't having it at this one. This session was in October and his mama really wanted an outdoor shoot. We had a relatively warm day but it was suuuuuper windy and he just wanted his mama. We did manage to get a few smiles and smirks but he sure made us work for it!

He was such a tiny little peanut at his newborn session, but some of these are my all time favorite shots. For his 6 month session, he absolutely rocked blue again, which matches his eyes perfectly. He had a minor meltdown at that session, so of course I had to capture that little moment too!